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Grand Rapids Roof CoatingsAbout K2 Summit

We provide integrated solutions to the commercial and institutional building envelope. The roofs, the walls, the windows and parking garages protect the building and its occupants from the elements. Understanding how these elements interact with each other is crucial to obtain a dry, safe and durable building environment.

In K2 Summit, we strive to exceed the industry standards for safety and quality. Our staff follows strict safety protocols and practices to ensure not only safety but the quality of the installation of the solutions that we provide. The ability to maintain total project control over every phase of a project, from demolition to new installation, offers exceptional advantages.

We partner with the most reputable manufacturers and consultants to stay up to date with the latest material and system application technologies to provide more value than any other contractor in our industry.

Our clients value quality, so we are continuously training and improving our processes to allow us stay competitive in a quality driven marketplace.

With the ever changing codes and approvals in our industry, we constantly participate in forums and meetings with the building authorities to contribute and understand the current building codes, zoning ordinances, fire codes and their application in relation to our activities.

Sustainability and energy efficiencies solutions are always being considered and included when presenting options to solve our client’s current and future needs. Roof Cleaning Process, Roof Restoration Systems, Preventive Maintenance Programs, Vegetated Roofing Systems, Living Walls, Rain Water Collection and Reuse, Photovoltaic Panels, Air Barrier Continuity and Weatherization and Interior Air Quality are all part of our energy efficiency offerings.

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